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Bootlegs, home recordings and Sale
Bootlegs are actually unofficial releases of music. They were usually cheaper alternatives for the official release. Some releases have re-created versions of the originals, that is usually the case when the name of the artist is not mentioned. I don´t exactly know how to see when a release really is a bootleg or not. If you´re looking for a cheaper alternative you can search for `bootleg´.

Home recordings are made by amateurs, the recordings can be very good. Someone put a lot of time and effort to make these and i want to give them a second chance. See my selection of home recorded tapes here 

I also have tapes on sale which sometimes have a bad label or if i just want to get rid of them to make room for new tapes. For tapes with discount up to 50% click here

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 8-track cartridge / cartouche 8 pistes / Bande 8 pistes / 8-Spur-Band / 8-track tape / Eight Track


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